Trade and Supply Chain


Helping you get it done quickly – and securely. The key to a steady cash flow

The Mercore approach

Mercore Capital is an FCA-registered alternative lender specialising in digital trade and supply chain finance facilities.

We recognise that the trade finance gap is unsustainable. Over $1.5 trillion in global trade is currently being rejected annually, with more than half of this in developing countries in Asia and Africa.

The figures are staggering and a stark example of what’s not working. As well as being grossly unfair, this is unnecessary and a huge waste of potential. As such, we are committed to using our sophisticated compliance-led solutions, combined with industry expertise, to bridge the trade finance gap securely and profitably.

Receivables Finance

An efficient and flexible way to access capital and keep cash flowing - in the right direction.

Our sophisticated digital approach to Receivables Finance provides a supplier-led solution enabling the suppliers to either sell or obtain early payment of their account receivables.

In return, their buyer signs a digital instrument in favour of a financier confirming their unconditional and irrevocable agreement to pay an agreed amount, on a specified maturity date.

Supply Chain / Payables Finance

Buy now, pay later – the Mercore Portal allows you to create the space to grow.

Digital Supply Chain Finance by Mercore is a buyer-led solution enabling buyers to:

  • Offer their suppliers the option to (i) sell, or (ii) obtain early payment of, their account receivables
  • choose to ‘buy-now-pay-later’ (“BNPL”)
  • a combination of the above

This is on the basis that the buyer signs a digital instrument confirming their unconditional and irrevocable agreement to pay the financier an agreed amount on a specified maturity date.

Structured Trade Solutions

Flexible lending tailored to your needs and circumstances.

Our risk and compliance specialism allows us to tackle trade finance differently. We have a team of over 150 industry leading compliance and risk management professionals who, having shaped our technology build, now form part of our Client Management team.
These factors enable us to service companies traditionally underserved and overlooked by the banking sector.